Mysterious DNSSEC


I have a zone that stop­ped working all in a sud­den may­be 5 days ago. The aut­ho­ri­ta­ti­ve name­ser­ver only repli­ed “SRVFAIL” and so did all other public resol­vers (OK, I tried and

Accor­ding to the zonefile’s timestamp and the zone’s seri­al, the­re were no chan­ges after Janu­ary 2017. IN DS 30744 10 2 73…5D

was wrong, this works: IN DS 30744 10 2 73…5D

Spot the difference 😉
The­re is no $ORIGIN. Accor­ding to Micha­el W. Lucas ( I always buy IT lite­ra­tu­re at a phar­ma­cy), it hast to be with a trai­ling dot.
But why the hell it stop­ped working a few days ago?

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  1. Seems to be a bug in one of Opensuse’s bind-patches:

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