Chrome ohne ftp?

Goo­g­les All­macht­phan­ta­si­en wer­den immer unap­pe­tit­li­cher — und lei­der tickt Mozil­la ähn­lich.

Zeit für einen anstän­di­gen Brow­ser!

~$ lynx -dump gopher://

       Welcome to Pygopherd!  You can place your documents
       in /var/gopher for future use.  You can remove the gophermap
       file there to get rid of this message, or you can edit it to
       use other things.  (You'll need to do at least one of these
       two things in order to get your own data to show up!)

       Some links to get you started:

 (DIR) [1]Pygopherd Home
 (DIR) [2]Quux.Org Mega Server
 (DIR) [3]The Gopher Project
 (DIR) [4]Traditional UMN Home Gopher

       Welcome to the world of Gopher and enjoy!


   1. gopher://
   2. gopher://
   3. gopher://
   4. gopher://

Und in bunt!


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